A Good Apartment for Our Daughter

My husband and I finally decided to take the next step with our daughter by looking for an apartment in North Charleston SC that she can move into and become independent. Our precious girl is what people would call a special child in that she was born with some medical abnormalities that make life a bit harder for her. She’s quite friendly and capable, and she does hold down a job, but she’s never going to be a fully developed adult. We’re not getting any younger and we’re afraid what will happen to her if we were to suddenly pass away.

Finding a place for her to live where she can meet other people and develop her own interests is incredibly important. We just needed to find the right place. Since we live in North Charleston, having her nearby is just common sense as we will still need to look in on her from time to time. We went online and did a lot of research in order to find an apartment complex as close to our home as possible, but one that is still nice and clean and has a lot of amenities right there so she doesn’t have to wander around the city for laundry and other things.

And we found a great place! God bless the staff who understood our situation perfectly and went way beyond the call of duty to accommodate our visit and our daughter. Such friendly people! They even arranged to have a few of the residents who will be her neighbors to swing by while we were looking at the apartment and introduce themselves! We were just amazed by how well they treated us and we have no doubts at all that this is the place our daughter can soon call home. She can’t wait to move in!