A Security System for My New Home

I was really excited about moving to San Antonio about a year ago. I had been raised in a very rural area, and it was my first time to have a neighbor who did not live nearly half a mile away. I had been to the city many times, but it was my first time to actually live there. I knew there would be a bit of a culture shock, but I have been loving it for the most part. I did end up looking for a company that has ADT in San Antonio, which was the biggest change for me, but I have even adapted well to that.

I had not thought about getting it before, because there is just no need for anything like that for the area I had lived most of my life. Even with neighbors so far apart, we still all knew each other and trusted each other. Strangers were just something that didn’t happen in our corner of the world, so that was the biggest adjustment. I did not mind having neighbors right next to me, but I did mind the crime stats for the city I now call home.

While it is not Chicago or Baltimore, it still does see its share of crime. When I first moved here, I got to know my neighbors rather quickly. They both have security systems, and they told me it would be a good idea for me to get one too. While crime was not knocking right at their doors, there had been incidents within the immediate area in the past. That is all I needed to hear for me to start looking into which one I wanted. ADT is the one that has the best reviews and the prices are great too. I was not even here for a full week before I had a security system installed. I am glad that everything else is very similar to where I came from!