Always Make Sure You Look over Everything

When you are working as hard as you can for months, it is always important to take a vacation every so often. As the saying goes, what goes up must come down and life is no different. Imagine launching your big project a month ago, being able to vacation, and then the project glitches! You are in desperate need for a mobile app developer in Singapore because you can’t figure out the issue with the app. That’s what happened to me.

I had worked on a project making an app for a financial company and when me and my team finally got it right and submitted it to the company, we were approved for it and paid for the hard work. They even gave us a bonus, which I used to take a vacation in Singapore. My tickets were paid for, bags were packed, and hotel was booked. A month after the launch, when I knew there was no issues from the company, I went on my vacation.

I landed in Singapore, was able to get into the hotel and relax for a few days before it happened. When I was out to dinner with friends in Singapore, I saw an email from the company I had just worked with. The app had crashed and no one could fix it. I panicked. Immediately, paid my part of the bill and excused myself. I went and emailed the team who worked on the project with me and asked if anyone knew what happened. No one could solve the issue. I immediately searched for an app developer in Singapore that I could talk with and see if they could help.

I found someone who walked through the code for the app and was able to immediately see what the issue was. We had forgotten to include a character in a line. It was just a small overlooked thing! He said he always enjoyed looking over code when the app was done and pointing out things like that. What a wild ride!

After talking with him about code and app developing, I asked if he would ever be interested in being sent code to look over so this never happened again. I was half joking, half serious. He said he would love that, he liked that aspect of app developing more than creating an app. Which was perfect, since I hate looking over the code for mistakes!