An App Helps Our Restaurant Productivity

I own a successful chain of restaurants. One of the reasons why they are so successful is because we listen to our customers. We take their suggestions seriously, and we do the same with the rare complaint that we get too. One of the complaints that kept coming up was how the diners had to wait so long to get a refill or anything else they may need when we are busy. I contemplated how to fix this, and I believe I came up with a great idea. First, I had to talk with a mobile apps developer in Singapore to make sure it was even feasible, which it was.

I thought that I could place something on each table that would have the app on it. This way, when a customer would need something, they don’t need to wait until their waitress or waiter is done helping maybe a half dozen other tables first. When they put their requests in this app, it is sent right to the kitchen office. It has the table number that it is from, and there is also a small map attached that we see so we can quickly find the table.

The customer may type something like they need more water or need condiments, or they could tell us that their order needs something extra. If they need extra napkins, a take out order placed, or any number of other things, then they can let us know via this app that is on every single table. On busy days, I have an employee on hand just to cover this. Since I have instituted this, we have become even busier because customers like that they do not have to wait more than a minute to get what they need. They can even leave anonymous reviews and comments on this app, which is something else that has been a huge benefit!