An Easier Way to Earn Money

Even though I am a stay at home mom, I look for ways to make money whenever I can. I’ve become really skilled at using various websites to make money by doing surveys and special offers. These websites have a limit on how much you can earn before you can actually get the money deposited into your bank account. I learned about another site called Ibotta, where I didn’t need to do any of the same things that the other sites were offering. In order to earn money from this website, all I had to do was buy the things that I would normally buy from the store.

I downloaded an app to use with the website and went to the store with my kids. The kids always like to bring items to me in an attempt to get me to buy them, but I usually turn them down. They pick the sweet candy items, sugary drinks, and ice cream, but I won’t let htem have those items, or at least not large amounts of them. My parents didn’t let me have whatever I wanted when I went to the store, and I have to show the same restraint with my kids, or they’ll start misbehaving.

Once I buy items at the store, I scan my receipt with the app and the website takes care of the rest. They give me money, and when I make enough, I can cash out. It’s easier for me to get money this way, because I go shopping so often. I’m always guaranteed to get something with each trip, as opposed to when I fill out surveys, and there is a chance I may be screened out of a survey because I do not qualify for it, or the quota for people matching my description may be filled.