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My friends were asking me about the different music that we used to listen to back in college. We went to college back in the day when you could go online and you could download any kind of music you wanted. Because of copyright laws, you are not able to use the same websites to download music. We wanted to look for Hindi songs download available online and we were talking about the kind of songs we used to listen to in college. We were talking about all of the different music we had from the old days in college, and we listened to many different kinds of music from all around the world back in the day. I was happy to hear that my friends remember the different kinds of music I used to play in my dorm room. I thought my friends would think that I was weird that I listened to music from around the world.

My friends listened to a lot of the grunge rock that was popular in the 90s. I thought that was the best music there was, and it was weird when I took a music appreciation class that taught me to really listen to the different types of music there was. I was grateful that I had that chance. That class opened up my eyes to all of the different types of music there were out there. I really think that changed my life because I did not think about other people and I did not think about what they listened to or went through. It was a great thing that it opened my eyes to other people and my new love of other cultures. I think it’s really important that we go and understand other people to get to know more about ourselves.