Change Turned out to Be Nearer to Me Than I Expected

When I noticed the house at the end of my street for sale, I immediately looked at the sign out front to see which realtor in Denver was listened on it. I had admired that house for quite some time, and I really wanted to know what it was on the market for. My house was fine, of course, but I had been living there for 15 years, and I had been thinking of buying elsewhere and possibly renting my place out. I like change, and I had been moving between apartments before I had purchased my place. For a long time, I had been wishing for change, and I wondered if this might be it.

I can remember growing bored with so many things as a child. I didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary because it felt normal for me to feel that way. When I grew older, I noticed little by little that many other people don’t find things boring. They often seemed to be satisfied to work on things for hours on end, stay at the same workplace for years or stay put in one resident. I have no idea why I am so different in that regard. If things stay the same too long, I look for something new. I figured that I had finally grown up some after spending 15 years in my home. But the time had come for me to move on.

I had been looking at homes hear and there in other parts of my city. It never occured to me that a home in my neighborhood that I had admired for years might go up for sale. I called the realtor with the hope of finding out that the home was affordable from her, and it was. She let me into the house to take a tour of it. I took a couple of days to think about it and then I told her I was read to put an offer on it.