Chiropractic Medicine Got Me Back Riding My Bicycle on the Local Trails

I really liked riding bicycles with my wife. We live in a flat area next to the water. We can ride for a couple of miles in each direction with only a very slight incline. However, my back pain was limiting how long I could stay on my bicycle. I tried a new seat and tried stretching. It was not helping. Something was going on with the nerves in my back causing me pain. I visited Sacramento chiropractors recommended by a relative, and I told the doctor that back pain was beginning to interfere in bicycle rides that I really enjoyed with my wife.

After an exam, I had a some electrical stim done along with a deep massage that felt really good. Then I had an adjustment done. I heard some cracks and pops, but it was one particular move that caused me to feel the pain slipping away. It was like I was holding up this weight, and then someone finally lifted it off me. I was finally feeling some relief instead of the constant annoying pain that had been wearing me done. The doctor warned me that we needed to work on building some back muscles to prevent it from becoming a recurrent or chronic pain.

I started into some strength and stretching exercises to improve my back. Each adjustment and each day of exercises helped me to have less and less pain and be able to ride my bicycle longer. It was not long before we were also exploring some local rail trails for bicycling adventures. I was able to build up my stamina on the bicycle to the point we could ride all day without me having any pain at all. That was a significant improvement over just a few weeks time. My back feels better than it has in many years.