Finding a Physics Tutor for My Son

My son has really been struggling in his physics courses at school. I know he is smart enough to get better grades and I also think he could benefit from some extra physics tuition. My sister’s daughter did this last year and it drastically improved her grades and understanding of the subject. I’m going to sit down with my son this weekend and discuss the idea of getting a tutor to help him out. I sure hope he is open to this idea as I do want him to work to his fullest potential.

To fully prepare myself for this talk, I am going to first do some research and find a competent tutor for the job. I took to the internet and found several different options but decided to look further into one particular person who had an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from previous clients. The one I selected has been elected as a member of the Institute of Physics in Singapore. He is highly qualified and has an impressive list of credentials which can be seen on his website. I then looked at the different programs being offered by him and saw there were several to choose from that were flexible enough to work with anybody’s schedule. After that, I read some testimonials which proved to show how much this instructor has helped other students raise their grade level in Physics.

To me, this was enough information to prepare myself for the talk I’m going to have with my son this upcoming Saturday. I’m going to approach my son with the concept that I’m trying to help him, not punish him. Like I mentioned earlier, I know he is smart enough to do this and is fully capable of earning better grades. This can only help him in his future endeavors.