Finding My Ideal Interior Design

I just recently got my first condo and like any first time home buyer, I was a little lost when it came to decorating. I knew I wanted an eclectic mix of styles that really gave a visitor a peek at my personality but I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted or how to get it. I went to a home show with a friend and saw this really cool looking bull skull with an intricate design carved into and I knew I had to have it. It was such a perfect mix of edgy and delicate, which is exactly how I describe myself. I knew this was the piece I was going to build my whole style around.

The first thing I did when I got home was figure out a prominent place to display the skull. I decided over the fireplace would be the perfect spot. Next I scoured online home furnishing catalogs and looked through the local thrift stores. I found a great old chair that I was able to reupholster for a small fee in a lovely blue canvas material. I found a weathered looking old table and a side table made of reclaimed ship-lap that went well with the my style which I have called edgy, shabby, chic.

With my color scheme of dusty blue and cream in mind, I went to a local seamstress and had her fashion some beautiful table linens and a set of matching curtains for my living room window. For lighting I stuck to brass finishes. I found some great fixtures at the thrift store. They weren’t in perfect condition, they had spots of wear but that actually works well with the intentionally shabby look I’m going for. Now I all I need is the perfect area rug and a cheap sofa that fits in with my design and it will be complete and then I can move on to my next project; the kitchen.