Fixing My Own Car Problem

When my car stopped working after nearly 10 years of service, I dreaded the thought of taking it to the auto shop for repairs. There was no way that I would let someone else stick their hands all over the inside of my car and charge me an arm and a leg to do it. I was capable enough to work on my own car, and all I really needed was some way to find out what was wrong with the car. I purchased an ELM327 diagnostic scanner online to give me a digital read out of the car’s problems.

The diagnostic scanner told me that there was something wrong with the fuel pump. I did a simple test to confirm this. I sprayed a bit of starter fluid into the car and cranked the engine. The car turned on for the first time in weeks, confirming what the diagnostic test told me. I went to the local auto parts store and bought a fuel pump that was exactly the same as the one that was already in the car. I chatted for a bit with one of the salesmen at the auto parts store while I was making my purchase.

The salesman asked me if I was doing my own car repair and I told him that I was. The salesman does the same thing, because the local auto repair shop charges way too much to repair cars. The salesman even had the same diagnostic scanner that I used for his car. Once I arrived back home with the fuel pump, I put on my jumpsuit and got to work on the car. It was like I was performing surgery on the car, being careful not to make any mistakes. I turned on the car after installing the new pump and it worked perfectly.