I Didn’t Understand How Much Migration There Was!

We visited Canada over the summer, and I was amazed. There is far more immigration in Canada than there is in the United States these days. You would think that wouldn’t be the case since Canada is more strict about their borders and such. I guess they feel bad for us since there is this impending doom that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton may become our president soon.

Well that was a bit harsh. I’ll try not to be so mean. I’m honestly not sure why there is so much immigration into Canada, I just figured I would be funny. I think that the issue of immigration is troublesome for any country, not just Canada or the United States. It’s honestly like everyone has this idea in their head that if they just up and plant themselves somewhere else that their life will be better. That’s not always the case, and I think a lot of people learn that.

On the other hand, some people have such better opportunities by migrating to another town, state, or even country. It’s amazing how just moving to new surroundings can open up so much more options for a person. I think just a new scenery alone could give a person hope and a whole new outlook on life. I know when I moved to New York from Pennsylvania everything changed. I had to work hard, but I succeeded at what I did, and got to enjoy new things. I accomplished a lot in those few years that I was there.

Well, despite all the extra people floating around Canada, our trip was pretty awesome. I hadn’t seen Niagra Falls from the Canada side, so that was a pleasant experience. It’s far prettier on that side than it is on the New York Side.