I Feel More at Ease About My Kids Now

We used Snapspy to see what our two kids were up to with the popular chat app program that they use often. One of their teachers recommended it after we pointed out that we were frustrated with not being able to watch our kids more closely. When you work a lot, you do not have time to watch what the rest of your family members in your care are doing 24/7. Ignoring things and hoping for the best can turn out to be a big problem, and that is not the route that their mother or I wanted to take. We just weren’t very sure how to balance things better, but the teacher’s suggestion was very valuable for us.

We both feel that we have great kids. They’re smart in so many ways, as well as funny and caring. Both of them take time out of their lives to help others, and that includes spending time volunteering for a couple of charities they are interested in. I did not even do that much to help others when I was their age, and it pleases me to no end to see that they’re both so giving compared to me as a teen. But my daughter has been having trouble in school lately. She has also become very secretive and is angry a lot. Her mother and I were having trouble figuring it out.

After the conference with the teacher, I went home and installed the app on my phone that she told me about. My first instinct was that it might be troublesome to figure out, and that was not the case at all. I was able to get it working and found myself having the ability to look at all the photos, videos and messages that my kids had been sending to other people. It was really helpful to me to be able to keep watch without my kids knowing and upsetting them.