I Have Been Working on Some Corporate Video

Of course we could have done a lot of this in house if we had wanted to expend the effort and time, but it seemed wiser to contract for a Singapore video production place to help us out with the job. They held some try outs I guess, they would have obviously liked to have had a pretty girl for the main part of the job. However it was decided that none of the girls we had were able to communicate the message. To tell the truth it was obvious that the only girl who knew everything had a really squeaky voice. It is adorable if you ask me, but you have to be right next to her if you are going to understand her completely. I made a big show of supporting her, but she just laughed at this. It was not like she is not aware of my motives after all.

At any rate I am the quote unquote star of this video. They got me a new suit and a nice blue tie, all of which they wanted back as soon as they were done. I talked about what we can do for a potential customers and then I showed off our production facilities and so forth. It was not that big of a deal, but when it was over it looked pretty good. Three days later I ran into the boss in the elevator and he asked me where he had seen me. I told him about the video and he laughed, apparently he had given the suit to his nephew. He told me a story about him going to a wedding and having the proverbial drunk uncle throw up all over the brand new suit. Then he said that I could have it back if I wanted it.