I Have Started Up My Own Company

I worked in marketing for about 10 years with a large, well-known company. I really liked the job, but I really prefer not working for someone else. I wanted to be able to call the shots, so I put in my two weeks notice and left on good terms. I know enough now about music sync companies and other things that I should be able to do decently with my own group of employees and clients.

I have three friends who are also in marketing. Each of them expressed interest in working for me if I branched out on my own. I gave them enough notice before I quit so that they could do the same if they were serious about working for me. Luckily, each of them was up to the task, and I hired each of them. I have worked with each of them in the past and know that they are experts at what they do.

I rented a small office and filled it with a few desks. We needed to start out small and stay within budget. I had some venture capital that I had received, and I was also putting some of my own savings on the line, too. I needed to make sure that I do not spend too much.

Our first client needed a TV commercial made for his company. We wanted to target young 20-something females and males. Beyond the attention grabbing storyline in the ad, we also wanted to give it some punch with some background music that would appeal to that age group as well. We contacted a music licensing company who works with indie artists and found the perfect track. When we were all done creating the commercial, we set up a meeting with the client to present it to them. They loved it, and our first project was a success.