I Needed Some Face Work Done

I know that a woman should base her worth on her looks. That is what we are taught from a young age by the other women in our lives, but it is funny that it is usually women who are the ones who are our harshest critics too. It makes no sense, but it is what it is. That is why I looked into a Singapore aesthetic centre when I started to notice that the wrinkles around my eyes were getting more pronounced. Even worse than this was the fact that the area around my eyes seemed to be sunken a bit.

I was able to find a great place not too far from me. I was not sure what all I needed to have done, so I just made the initial appointment to be a consultation. I figured the best thing I could do was let the professional see my face and determine what needed to be done. I was not going to do anything too drastic. I am not the type to be so concerned about my looks that I will have a complete facelift or anything like that, but I certainly did not mind having a minor procedure done.

When I went to that first appointment, I was given a few different options. The doctor felt that the first thing we should focus on was the sunken look around my eyes. He said that there was no way to directly fix that, but that we could do a workaround that would help with how that looked. By injecting something into that area, it would fill the sunken parts around my eye, so that is the first thing we did. He also helped me with the wrinkles around my eyes. By the time he was done, I looked at least 10 or 12 years younger, and the compliments are still coming in!