I Wrecked My Motorcyle Last Week

The bike was not new at all, in fact I rescued it from a neighbor’s garage where it had been sitting for around a decade. It was a Honda 400 cc bike, about fifteen years old. I had to replace all of the gaskets, but other than that it was just fine. Getting it to start was a bit of a chore. Because I did not do the timing correctly. At any rate I had it was a couple of days later when I ended up laying on the pavement. Eventually I went to see a Camas chiropractor to get him to work on my back, but it was quite a little adventure. Of course at first I was really upset about the bike and I was mad at this very pretty young girl who had looked directly at me and then pulled out right in front of me. She was frantic after the fact, so I tried to act tough, as though I was not really hurt.

In fact I knew that I had something wrong with me, although I was not exactly sure how bad it was. I thought that it would go away, although I told the paramedics just to be sure that they did not think I was making it up late. Most of all I was wondered about that bike, which I had put a good deal of work into. It was mostly just banged up like me though. The mirrors were busted and so was the headlight and the blinkers, but all of that stuff could be repaired. I had no idea what the bike was worth when the insurance man asked me. In fact he offered to buy the bike from me if I wanted to sell it, but I figured that I would keep it.