Investments Can Give You Extra Income

I really wanted to spend some time looking at the different ways that I could invest some money and earn something in the end. Before I was going to go and spend money, I knew I had some things that I wanted to look at. I wanted to know exactly what was going on with all of my money all of the time so my husband said to go look at Sloane Residences condo so that we could see if there was a place that we could buy as a rental property. I never thought that we could buy another condo so that we could rent it out but still own it and we could then have someone else make the payments for us. I knew that a condo was a good thing because we were not going to have to maintain the outside property like a yard if we had bought a house like I thought we were.

I am actually really happy that we went and bought the condo because we had a lot of our neighbors upgrade theirs around us and it actually ended up giving us over twenty percent in the first year we were renting it in value. That is really a lot of money and since we had good tenants and they told us we were going to have to find people to rent it out for the following year because they bought a house, we could ask more money. The people downstairs from us were asking over a thousand dollars more than what our tenants were asking. That place was also a lot less updated than our unit so we ended up getting about fifteen hundred more than we were before and I could not believe that we were also paying our own mortgage with that money.