My First Apartment Right out of College is a Perfect Place for Me to Live

I was graduating college and moving into a full time job. I had to find a place to live close to where I worked. I had friends tell me all their apartment horror stories, and I was having none of that. Instead of moving into an urban apartment structure. I looked for Lewisville apartments that were within my budget and a comfortable commuting distance from work. I found the Bluffs at Vista Ridge online, and called right away to schedule a tour. I found a one-bedroom place that was very affordable in an apartment complex that has a lot of amenities and no drawbacks that I could find.

I have a living room, a separate dining area, a really nice kitchen and a balcony. Plus, I have an area for a washer and dryer. I am not a fan of laundry rooms or laundromats, so having a regular washer and dryer in the apartment is nice. It is not one of those stacked units like I had for the apartment I rented in college. No, this was more of a real home. I had room to move around and space for all of my junk. I am an electronics hobbyist who builds things. One corner of the living room is dedicated to my hobby stuff.

This is a really comfortable space that has big windows that let a lot of light in. I like that a lot. I am not into the artificially lit mancave places. I like an open floor plan with plenty of natural light. I spend a lot of time in the swimming pool outside. I entertain friends a lot out there, and we use the poolside barbecue area a lot too. I am glad to have avoided all of the bad apartment situations I have heard from the stories my friends tell. Their stories helped me pick this place to do it right from the first lease.