My Husband is Now Participating in My New Hobby

I can remember when I first learned about the Internet. It fascinated me to learn what it was all about, but it is funny to think that I did not realize how many great things we would soon be able to do on it. For example, I can now download Korean drama programming and watch it anywhere. I live in another country where there are no shows on TV like that, but online, anything is possible when it comes to shows and many more things.

It is interesting how depressing it can be to not be able to use your computer when it breaks down. This is because there’s such a rich world of so many possibilities when you are online. Regular life seems so boring, but you can hop on the Internet and quickly find something that makes you smile, laugh or cry. So when my computer broke down last week, I rushed to get it fixed so that I could get it back quickly and watch all my favorite things.

I work long and hard hours. So, I do not really have the time to travel much or do a lot of activities in my own city. But after a 10 or 12 hour work day, I can get in bed at night and download a program to watch and not feel so deprived. It is relaxing for sure. I love to find dramas that I can get thoroughly engrossed in because they help you to forget about your own problems.

My husband works a lot of hours like I do. He was complaining recently that he felt he needed something more fun to do because he has very little free time as well. I usually watch all my programs on the computer with headphones so that I don’t disturb him. But I suggested that he watch some with me. He watched one with me a few nights ago, and he is already hooked!