My Mom Things My Plan Was a Good One

My dad took our family on a road trip when I was a kid, and it really made me yearn to get back there one day. This became stronger in my mind after my dad passed from cancer last year. He always said he wanted to get back there, but never did it. It was an important reminder to me that we do not have all the time in the world to put things off. Someone at work had a San Diego relocation guide on their desk at work one day, and I picked it up on a whim to look at it. The photos were beautiful. The words reminded me of the nice weather they had there. The wheels were turning in my mind.

I asked my mom if she would be interested in taking a road trip with me. She’s a senior now, and because she doesn’t have dad, doesn’t like to travel alone. I saw her face light up. She asked if we could go see some of the same attractions that dad took us to when I was a kid. I thought that was a good idea. There is no way I would move away and leave my mom behind to fend for herself. I wanted to spend time with mom on our trip, but my hope was that she would entertain the idea of moving there with me.

Mom was tickled that my plan was to go to a real estate office once we reached San Diego to meet with someone who was going to show us around. She and I had really been enjoying our trip there. She fell in love with the area when the agent drove us around, too. We even found two small homes for sale that are located next door one another. Mom said that she was willing to do it if I want to, so we are going to do exactly that.