New Media or Old Media

I recently joined my father at his heating and air conditioning business. He has been in business for several years now but things have slowed down and he needs to find a way to drum up new business. Being a child of the social media age, my first instinct was to put all the advertising funds into social media campaigns. We tried a test run of that and it went horribly. We got no new customers, but did receive a healthy dose of prank calls. Deciding on a more traditional route, we found a place that does printing in Toronto.

The company we chose to work had a great track record and other businessmen of my father’s acquaintance recommended them highly. We were able to get new business cards and fliers and some lovely brochures that we mailed out to prospective customers. After getting our cards and fliers printed out we were able to hit the ground running. I networked with other companies and brought the business cards and brochures to other companies who might need their heating and cooling system serviced. Our fellow local business people turned out to be far more receptive to our marketing than the private home customers we had been trying to market to before.

With further guidance from the printing company we were able to figure out where we went wrong in our social media campaign and with their help we made a shiny new website. With the new website up and running we began getting calls from both home owners and businesses. We built up some momentum and word of mouth got around about the fantastic work we do and our phones have been ringing off the hook. My only regret is that I didn’t leave the marketing job to the professionals in the first place.