Online Discussion Groups Can Be Helpful

I had no idea what the onset of the internet was going to bring to my life when I was younger in the early 1990s and playing on online bulletin boards. I thought it was cool that I could speak with people from all over the world even though I would not have any idea what they looked like. I actually saw that people would start to ask questions and people would respond with their own personal answers based on their experiences. I saw people ask things like what the best classical guitars for beginners was, and there would instantly be something like forty responses in the first hour or so. Then, it would spark a discussion among people with the different experiences that they each had and I thought that was a great thing. People were from all around the world and they were speaking about a guitar and sharing the first memories they had when they held a guitar.

Right until the last few years, people were still talking on some of those original bulletin boards. The problem was, eventually, they all ended up with the garbage as they were no longer being supported in their original form because of the updates to the internet. I was speaking about all of the different ways that people helped each other on those boards to my kids but they did not understand what the difference was. When you grow up in a world where all you know is the internet, I think it could be very hard for you to actually think about what life is like without it. It is amazing to me how many people actually go and meet one another from the internet, it wasn’t always that way and it’s fun to see how it ended up.