Our Limo Ride Was More Fun Than the Event

We were looking at some Toronto party buses because of a great idea that my husband had not long ago. Every year, a group of us go to Little Britain for an event there. We normally all just take our own vehicles or catch a ride with someone else who is going, but this year our group was going to be considerably larger. If this event was just a few minutes away or even a little longer, it would still be no big deal for all of us to go the same way.

However, it is nearly 90 minutes away, and it was taking a lot of organizing things to get everything just right. When things kept changing with transportation, that is when my husband suggested that we look at the large party buses. He listed all of the pros of doing it, and he would have listed the cons as well if there had been any. That is really saying something when a great idea has only positive things! We would not need to worry about getting a set amount of drivers, nor would we need to concern ourselves with how many cars we would need to take either.

We would all be together for the full three hours of transportation time since it takes 90 minutes to get there as well as to get back. The buses that we looked at are extremely comfortable, and they have all kinds of fun features like lights, a small bar, state of the art speakers and even a large screen TV. When he presented this idea to everyone else, we all loved it. In fact, we even said then that the ride there and back might be even more fun than the event that we were going to. It turned out to be a true statement too!