Place Where Dreams Do Come True

My step mom was dying from cancer and my dad said that he wanted to take her to Hawaii before she died. It became evident that she was not doing well and I kind of knew that it was the end of her life when my dad said that her doctor said that if she did not go then she may never have the chance to go. I knew that there were places like the Kawaii shop that she was going to want to visit. There are a lot of nice places and things to see in the great state of Hawaii and I was glad that she was going to be able to go and swim with the turtles because that is something she always wanted to do. She was afraid of sharks but she realized that she was not going to have to worry about it yet. I was shocked for her that she was going to go and swim with the turtles.

I sent flowers to their room and they said that they were the most beautiful flowers that they had ever seen. It was so important for me to make sure that they had those flowers because it was a celebration of her life. I knew that it was going to be a great trip for her but before they were even in the air, she said that she was nervous about the really long flight from the East Coast. I knew that I wanted her to have fun so I told her not to worry about the flight and just live for the moment. My dad and she had one of the best times of their lives and I am so glad that the flowers added to the trip she said, it was a great time for both of them.