Show Me All the Money!

Getting Virtual Families 2 free money from an online cheat sure made this game a lot more enjoyable for me. It’s funny I even started playing this game because I’m a middle aged guy who usually doesn’t go for the sim type adventure games. I do like idle games, however, and there is a lot that is similar between these two types of games. Both of them go on forever, essentially, unless the makers decide to pull the plug at some point (which usually means a sequel is in the works). I stumbled over this game by accident and got hooked immediately.

Virtual Families 2 is a game where you raise a family. Sounds simple, right? It’s actually a lot more complicated as you have to build homes, grow your family, keep stuff clean, praise or scold your kids, and about a half dozen other time intensive activities that unfold in real time. If it sounds banal, it isn’t. The graphics are great and it’s actually a lot of fun as well as a lot of work keeping the households going and taking care of the kids. It’s a generational game as well so you’ve got ancestors to think about.

I looked into getting free money for the game in order to better manage my tasks as well as expand my homes. Free money means more shopping as well. I found a site online that helps you get the fat stacks so you can do a lot more with the game. Some people call it cheating, but it’s not cheating if the game theoretically goes on forever. The money I gained helped greatly expand the number of things I’m doing in the game and it’s actually made the game more complex. With all that money I really need to keep on top of my virtual family now.