Solar Powered Outdoor Venues Help Your Band Go Green

New York SkylineFinding a venue for your band to play usually isn’t difficult. Most cities are overflowing with bars and clubs that welcome live entertainment. You might want to try a different type of venue to showcase your talent. With today’s focus on environmental concerns, your fans will appreciate it when you show you are willing to do your part. Outdoor venues have been around for as long as people have been able to carry a tune. They can be as simple as an open field for an afternoon acoustic arrangement. Most outdoor venues today will require the use of portable power or access to a nearby power source. These days, solar powered outdoor venues are becoming more popular and let music lovers share their appreciation for the earth, as well as your music.

A solar powered outdoor venue makes use of the sun’s energy to power all of your equipment, including amplifiers and lighting. You can rent the necessary solar equipment for your event without a large investment. You can also purchase solar panels and other equipment as an investment, and rent your new solar powered venue to other bands.

The amount of solar panels you need will depend on your music gear and the length of time you plan to perform. A qualified solar panel technician will be able to help you calculate your needs. Location also matters, since you will need to be an in area with enough sunlight to power your full gig. The last thing you want to happen is to lose power before you finish the last song on your set list.

Interest in energy conservation is growing at phenomenal rates. Making use of a solar powered venue sends a message to your fans and helps build your reputation. Some day, this may be the only way to play! Investigate your options and let your band go green.