Solving Some Problems at the Church

We have been working pretty hard on the buildings and grounds committee to try to fix the problems with the church. We have a great number of things which we need to do. One of the biggest and most pressing issues is that we need some one who can help with HVAC in NYC. The sanctuary has about half a dozen high stained glass windows on each side, so even in the depths of winter it can be heated up a good deal by the sun. During the summer it is going to be unbearable in there if we do not get the air conditioning to work right. At the moment the system is working, but not very well and certainly not very efficiently. We have had this unit for around four decades and we used to have a guy in the congregation who knew how to keep it running. Now he has gotten old and had to move in with his daughter in South Carolina.

The other things are not quite so pressing, but they will be eventually. Right now we are thinking that we can patch up the roof a little and hope that it holds up for a few years. It is leaking in one of the second floor Sunday school rooms now. Obviously there is only so much patching that you can do on a roof, because it is going to need to stay within the weight limit that the roof is designed for. If you keep adding more and more material to a roof, then you also add more and more weight. That is something you can only do for so long until the weight is more than the roof is able to hold up. You have to think about the weight of snow in the winter as well.