Some Guy Tried to Break into My Place

I would guess that there are not a lot of geniuses in prison, but there are probably a whole lot of people who think that they are smarter than they really are. I have one of those nice new ADT home security systems and apparently this guy who tried to break into my place believed that he was smart enough to bypass the system. At least that is what the police detective told me. Apparently some guy this genius knew sold him something which was supposed to hack into my security system. It seems more likely that the guy was not a great friend to this thief and was looking to remove him from the picture. That is what the detective thought at least. Apparently this brilliant master thief had a girl who was pretty easy on the eyes and it seems like the guy who set him up was interested in this girl. None of that can be proven and it is not as though it is a huge crime to sell someone something like this. I am not sure what crime it would be, or how you could prove it. It did get me to thinking that perhaps there is some guy out there who might be able to do what this guy claimed that he could do. It is not as though there is not a way to hack into just about anything if you are clever enough. Obviously the entire system is on the world wide web and that provides a way for a hacker to break into the system. Most of the time when you really want to keep your system safe from hackers, you take if off of the web. It is obviously a lot more difficult to get in a computer if you have to physically gain access to it.