Teaching My Son About the Kendama Toy

One of the things that my son and I do together every day is watch at least one video online. Usually it is something educational where we both learn something new, but sometimes it is just something that is fun. I think we all need to have balance like that, and it has caused us to not only become more educated on different matters but to learn new and interesting ways to have fun too. When I saw a video claiming to show the best Kendama tricks, it took me back in time. I don’t mean the video, because we didn’t even have computers back when I was a kid.

We did have Kendamas though, but I had never seen anyone as good with one as this video showed. My son had never seen one in action like that either, and I knew that he had never used one. We ended up looking for more videos that featured the Kendama, and that sparked both of our interests in trying it for ourselves. It had been at least 20 years if not longer since I had played with one, so I went online to see where we could get one for a decent price.

That is how I found this website that sells the Kendama toy, and they are really put together nicely too. I had my son look at all the different choices, and then he picked out two different ones, so we could each have one. The delivery was pretty quick, and it was such an amazing feeling to teach my son how to use them. We played with them for nearly three days before he finally got the hang of getting the ball in the cups or on the spike, and he has been going non stop since. I have to admit that I am using my Kendama just as much!