The New Standard in Apartment Living

The Marq in Tampa Florida exemplifies the new standard in apartment living and what Americans are becoming to expect when they think about renting. For the longest time Americans have viewed apartments as a temporary living space while they were working towards purchasing a house and they were never seen as much more than a temporary arrangement to most people. These days apartment living is on the rise and not just because the housing bust, over priced housing or harder to get bank loans. As a society we are beginning to shift away from home ownership towards apartment communities and looking at The Marq in Tampa Florida it’s easy to see why.

Apartment communities in the past were basically four walls a laundry room on premises and if you were lucky, a pool. Today the apartment experience is much different because designers and property managers realized that Americans need and demand so much more. The classic box style apartment has given way to flowing floor plans that offer the best in quality amenities and hardware. Beautiful kitchens and bathrooms are the standard these days. As well the standard amenities of the community have seen a major upgrade. Most apartment communities now have parks, conference rooms, fitness centers, shopping and all the essentials right outside their front door. The designers haven’t built the apartments near a community they built the community into the apartments.

While it’s true the average rent has continued to increase over the years the renter is certainly getting much more out of each dollar spent than the average homeowner and without all the hassle of owning. Renters don’t have to paint, mow the lawn or shovel the sidewalk when it snows and they aren’t tied down to a piece of property for the rest of their lives. Owning your own home will always be the American dream but renting is becoming the new norm and no one has ever accused a renter of being house poor.