The Secret I Couldn’t Bear

Recently I had to use a kik hacker to find out if my friends had been keeping a secret from me. They had beena cting sttarangelty and I was beginning to thinkt hat something was terrbily wrong. It was like they were hiding something major, not just some silly school yard secret. When I used the hacker, I was shocked by what I found. As it turns out, my friend had found out that I had been adopted, and my parents had never told me about it. I was devastated, because I didn’t know who my parents were.

I went to my parents and asked them about the adoption, and they told me the whole story. I couldn’t believe that they would keep something like that from me, and what was worse is that my friends knew about the whole thing and didn’t say anything. My parents told them not to tell, because they didn’t know how I would react to it. I figured if anyone would tell me about something if not my parents, it would be my friends. I wasn’t sure who I could turn to, so I went out for a drink to clear my thoughts.

While at the bar, I ran into another friend who didn’t know anything about what was going on with me, my friends, and my parents. I told him everything and he understood. As it turns out, he was adopted too. I had never met his parents, so I didn’t know that he was, but he knew exctly what I was going through. He told me to go back home and have a long talk with my parents and my friends. In the end, he told me that they really loved me, and just wanted to seee that I would have the best.