The Song Has a Name

A new phone commercial started airing at the beginning of the month and it featured a catchy song. Everyone tried to figure out the name of the song, but it was a mystery. I thought it might have been some kind of song made specifically by an advertising agency for the commercial. I took a direct approach by asking the phone company what the song was, and one of the representatives mentioned that it was a song that was found on Songspk and that it had been released in the past year, but they didn’t know the actual name of the song, which would have made things a lot easier.

The song had a Latin sound to it, so I searched for songs under that category that were released in the past year. This narrowed down the results a bit, but there were still a lot of songs in that category, so I narrowed it down even further by looking for fast paced songs, which helped out a great deal. I went down the list of results, listening to a little of each song until I was sure that I had found the right one. There were a lot of good songs that didn’t match the one I was looking for, so I made a note of them for a personal play list.

Eventually I found the song and downloaded it. It was a song that had gone under the radar for just about everyone. The artist who made the song had only released a few other songs in previous years, and none of them got the same level of attention as the one that was featured in the commercial. Now that he has a hit song on his hands, I wonder if he’ll be able to make another one that can top it.