They Fixed My Freezer Up Nicely

My husband didn’t like it, but I got online and found a company that does major appliance repair in Sacramento after my spouse decided something was wrong with our freezer and needed fixing. Obviously we should have called the repair company first, but my husband thinks he is Mister Fixit and always tackles all jobs with aplomb. The problem is that he has two thumbs and can rarely repair anything. I’d say he makes any problem worse ninety percent of the time. The freezer was at least working when he started in on it. An hour later it wasn’t working at all.

Of course I’d just gone to the store and we had about fifty dollars worth of steaks in the freezer. If we didn’t get it back up and running soon, all of that money would go into the trash. So I went online and found a company nearby with an excellent reputation of fixing major appliances. I related our situation and they promised to send someone out right away. Both of us were astonished how quickly the repair tech showed up. He got to work right away and identified the problem right away.

Apparently a small part was in the process of failing and that’s why we were getting temperature fluctuations. It was a situation that my husband couldn’t not have fixed in a million years because he had no way of checking the failing part, or even knowing that said part was failing. The tech happened to have a replacement part in his truck and he snapped it into place and the freezer roared to life. He also spent some time going over the whole thing in order to see if my husband broke something during his attempt at a repair. I’m so glad we called the professionals!