They Tore Down an Old House for Me

I purchased an old house nearly eight years ago. I thought that it would be a good fixer upper, and the price was right since I was not making a lot of money at the time. My income has changed though, and my perspective on the house has as well. I am engaged to be married, and I do not want my soon-to-be wife living in a house that still needs a ton of repairs. I figured I would just hire a company that does house demolition in Sydney, and my fiance and I could design our new house together.

The first order of business was finding the right company to tear the house down. It was a fairly small house, so I knew that it would not be something that would take days. I wanted it down quickly so we could start building as soon as possible. I looked at different companies to compare prices, and the one that I liked best is AES. They have a stellar reputation, and they also had the best prices. I liked that they included some pictures on their site so I could get a look at the work they do, and I was impressed.

It did not take long for them to come look at the house and write up a contract for it to be demolished. I brought my fiance out when they were there, because this was the future site of our first home together. We toasted with a glass of champagne because all we could see was the new home that we helped design with an architect. It was also interesting seeing how quickly they were able to tear the old house down. I thought that there might be some sadness, but there was just happiness. I am ready to start the rest of my life!