This Apartment is So Perfect for Me

It didn’t take me long when looking at apartments for rent in Temple Terrace to find the one that I am living in now. The lodge at Hidden River is the most beautiful and practical choice. I say beautiful because of the surrounding area. It is not right in the city, so I am able to see lots of trees and flowers, plus the lake is just a short walk away as well as the parks where I often ride my bike. It is also the practical choice because of everything that is included with one of the apartments here.

Just the apartment amenities is enough to make a person feel spoiled. The hardwood flooring is gorgeous, and there is also carpeting in some of the rooms too. I like that there is the mix of the two. The living room and my bedroom are always nice and cool because I keep the ceiling fans on all the time. When the fan in my bedroom stopped working, maintenance was there that same day and had it running again in no time. That is just the kind of service that we all get here.

There is a breakfast bar, plus my apartment has a separate dining area too. I am the only one who lives here, but I entertain a lot so I am really thankful that I have both areas for eating. I also have a rather large balcony where I sometimes eat when I am alone or with one of my sisters. The pantry in the kitchen is huge too. I cannot believe all the room that I have here, and it is not something I take for granted. I am so happy living here, and I know that I will not live anywhere else until I get married. Hopefully even then we just move to a bigger apartment here!