Trying to Figure out How Nice a Place I Can Afford

I have just begun to look for a nicer place to live, mostly one with a nicer person to deal with also. The place I am staying belongs to a company, but the president left one of his relatives in charge and this guy is pretty strange and extremely hard to get along with. It is not as though I am really happy with the way that they keep raising the rent either. I have been looking at web pages like this one, and trying to figure out if I can afford the sort of place I want. Of course the big decision for me is whether or not to move in with my girlfriend. We have been dating since the last year of high school and all through college, although we did not go to the same college. She is still living with her parents and is not really that unhappy with the arrangement, since they are paying all of the bills and she just has to help out with the cooking and cleaning and the other household chores. Obviously if I moved in with her I would sort of like to have her help out with the rent and the other bills, especially since she has saved up a rather significant amount of money. She has a good job working at a bank and obviously she has no real expenses, but she is not in much of a hurry to take on expenses. She has decided that she is going to hold onto her money and invest it. If I were in her position I would probably feel the same way, although I would obviously spend a lot more of the money on her or some other girl. That does not make her a very good candidate to move in with however.