We Are Moving to a Newly Developed Executive Condo in Singapore

There are all kinds of things to watch on the Internet about makeovers for your home. We have done everything we could to make our place look as nice as it could. We struggled a bit as a newly married couple just out of university with no family to offer any support. We worked hard to make our way through school. We met working a job to pay for school. Now that we were in our careers, we were looking at new condos. PARC Life executive condos are under development, and we liked what we saw in the brochure and online.

It is five towers on a tract of land overlooking Canberra Park. There are plenty of amenities to make any new condo owner very happy. It has tile and laminate flooring that is nicely trimmed. The AC is provided by Mitsubishi wall-mounted units for a nice even cooling throughout the condo. There is a tennis court, gym, rain spa, steam spa and much more on the property. The kitchen has a nice stove and vent hood. It will be perfect for our cooking needs. This is an executive condo that we can afford, and we are applying for a two bedroom one.

It is important to get applications for newly developed properties in early when you live in Singapore. There is always someone looking to move into new places fast, so that is why we we’re constantly on the lookout for new projects being built in the districts that we would like to live in. Being close to Canberra Park is a plus for us. And by 2022 there will be a new healthcare facility built in the area to provide care for us people in northern Singapore. I think we are making a good choice in applying for a condo at PARC Life.