We Have Been in New Jersey

It was not quite so difficult as I suspected it might be to be honest. Jane’s grandfather had it all planned out in fact. He knew that he was going to die in the due course of events and he planned it out just like every other thing. He arranged it so that his assets would be divided up the way he wanted and he even bought his own grave marker. We did not have to do a thing. A place that sells monuments in Essex county NJ had already sent it to the cemetery plot and it was already standing there, just waiting for the final date to be engraved on it. He had arranged for the sale of his house to a guy who did that sort of thing and all Jane had to do was to sign the papers. Of course there is going to be complications from her aunt.

This is all part of a long lasting sibling rivalry between Jane’s aunt, her mother and her two uncles. It would probably be a real issue if not for the fact that there is a will and that it was drawn up in the full knowledge that one of them was sure to contest just about anything, at least unless she got all that there was to get. She did not get anything more than the other heirs and there is a provision in the will which should deter anyone with sense from contesting it. This states that anyone who does contest the will has to pay for the cost of upholding it. So she gets about one sixth of a rather moderately sized estate, but if she were to take the other heirs to court all of their costs would be deducted from her share of it