We Went from Having Empty Apartments to Buying Another Property in No Time

When I first asked my wife what she thought about getting into real estate where we would own local apartment buildings, she was all for it. Then both of us wanted out when we were having trouble getting our apartments leased. We put a lot of money into renovations to attract young professionals as tenants. It took a few months for me to find www.multifamilytraffic.com, but they helped us get the traffic to our website to keep our apartments leased.

We had quite a few units that sat empty for months. We had people calling about the apartments, but it was the wrong people. Ours were more for singles or couples without children. Perfectly suited to the demographic of programmers, healthcare workers and other professionals we wanted to attract. Not suited for families with two or three kids. We wanted to buy a place for that type of tenant, but we did not own any places like that back then.

The www.multifamilytraffic.com team helped us get calls and traffic that was our demographic. It was a breeze then to lease our places. We would have people wanting to sign without even visiting the place. They watched the videos, looked at the pictures and read the descriptions all online. They did not want to chance missing out on leasing a place, so they would ask if we could fax them a lease to sign. I never expected it to be that way in renting our places. I was expecting a continual struggle.

What turned the tide for us was a place that knows how to market the right apartments to the right people. Keeping all of our apartments continually leased made us look like a great risk to the bank when we wanted to buy another property more suited to families wanting apartments to lease. I’m glad that we found www.multifamilytraffic.com.