We Would Do Anything to Help Our Daughters Succeed Academically

My wife and I love our little girls so much. Well, they are not little any longer. They are both teenagers who will be graduating one school and then will be headed into college soon. They are twins, and they are quite different in many ways. Where they are the same is their fundamental understanding of the sciences of physics. I thought they both were going to fail their physics classes until we signed them up for physics tuition as taught by Tony Chee. He is a very dynamic tutor of physics that can give students an incredible boost of knowledge that they need to improve their grades.

I noticed the difference on the next test results after our two girls began their tutoring. By the time of the final for the year, they had bumped up two full letter grades each in the subject of physics. I wanted to make sure they were not just learning fancy ways of gaming the system to pass tests, so I had them tell me about physics. We got into discussions of the applications of physics in daily life as well as on the job. It turned out that they have a well-rounded grasp of physics now that they have gone through their tutoring.

I use physics every day in my job, but our daughters tell me that I am a lousy teacher. They tell me that I just expect them to already know things they are struggling with, and that I don’t have a lot of patience. I guess that is a problem of being the dad. I might not be able to tutor them in physics, but I thoroughly enjoy the hugs they still give me before they settle in for the night at home.Stuff like that makes my wife and I go out of our way to help them with anything.