What is in Your Soil?

I liked to garden when I lived in Connecticut, where I lived the first thirty four years of my life. My husband got transferred to Virginia, and while we were excited, I was a little upset that I was going to have to leave my award winning garden. I had spent a lot of time cultivating the garden, and a lot of money on things like seeds and environmental investigation services. The reason why I had to invest in these services is because, before I started my garden, I had to know what exactly was in the soil. Understanding what is in the soil is important so I know to neutralize it, if too acidic; or make it more acidic if too basic.

Moving can be somewhat stressful for the average person, it is said to be one of the three biggest stresses in a person’s life, and now I understand exactly what that is the case. I do like to think that the soil in Virginia will be richer, due to the topography, but I will not be able to do anything in the garden unless I hire environmental investigation services there as well. I would like to know that there are people there that will be able to help me. There are friendly neighbors on both sides of our new home and I have not yet had a chance to look in their backyards.

I want to get a chance to look in their backyards so that I will be able to determine if they have a garden, and if they do, then that means that it will be a good indicator if they will be able to help me with the garden that I would like to start in my own new backyard, I am excited to see what happens.