Why Would You Try to Hack Instagram?

I was not really that interested in this nonsense at first, especially because I was quite sure that it was illegal. However this guy I know was trying to teach me how to hack an instagram account the other day. Apparently there are different applications which you can download that will help you accomplish it, but that was another problem for me. I was not going to trust this sort of thing, for all I know it could be spying on me as well as allowing me to spy on other people. Obviously I knew what the objective was and I thought that it was extremely silly. He was using this stuff to get a look at things that beautiful girls did not want to share with him. I suppose that this is something of a motive, but it does not seem like one that makes any sense to me.

The truth is that the entire internet has to be at least ninety percent devoted to sex, which makes sense when you think that most guys think about sex at least ninety percent of the time. I do not know about girls, but my guess is that they think about it a lot too. So if you want to look at girls in bikinis or girls who can not find their bikinis, the internet is basically designed for that and very little else. You can hardly avoid it in fact, which makes you wonder why all of these crazy terrorists love the internet so much when it is so filled with all of the things that they rail against. At any rate if I want to look at pictures of girls on the web, I do not really need to break the law or invade someone’s privacy to do it.