Bitcoin – the Struggling Trend

Though cryptocurrency has been around for a while, it has only really picked up momentum within the past few years, achieving record highs. Bitcoin, possibly the most popular cryptocurrency, is currently valued at $8,168.47, up from around $6,200 in February 2018. A bitcoin trader would have had an exceptional day selling on 17 December 2017, when its value ballooned to an excess of $19,700. So will the modern goldrush ever reach its highs again?

September 2019 saw a sharp decline in values of the cryptocurrency at almost a 20 percent decrease, from around $10,000 to below $8,000 (estimated). Though experts claim it is still possible for the currency to bounce back to somewhat competitive rates as it was previously. Investors claim a rebound is possible, but its fate is still in the dark.

Online cryptocurrency apps such as Coinbase and Trezor help investors (or simple trend followers) keep track of their electronic wallets and buy and sell Bitcoin at a touch of a screen (or mousepad). Continue reading Bitcoin – the Struggling Trend

We Have Been in New Jersey

It was not quite so difficult as I suspected it might be to be honest. Jane’s grandfather had it all planned out in fact. He knew that he was going to die in the due course of events and he planned it out just like every other thing. He arranged it so that his assets would be divided up the way he wanted and he even bought his own grave marker. We did not have to do a thing. A place that sells monuments in Essex county NJ had already sent it to the cemetery plot and it was already standing there, just waiting for the final date to be engraved on it. Continue reading We Have Been in New Jersey

A Security System for My New Home

I was really excited about moving to San Antonio about a year ago. I had been raised in a very rural area, and it was my first time to have a neighbor who did not live nearly half a mile away. I had been to the city many times, but it was my first time to actually live there. I knew there would be a bit of a culture shock, but I have been loving it for the most part. I did end up looking for a company that has ADT in San Antonio, which was the biggest change for me, but I have even adapted well to that.

I had not thought about getting it before, because there is just no need for anything like that for the area I had lived most of my life. Continue reading A Security System for My New Home

Why Would You Try to Hack Instagram?

I was not really that interested in this nonsense at first, especially because I was quite sure that it was illegal. However this guy I know was trying to teach me how to hack an instagram account the other day. Apparently there are different applications which you can download that will help you accomplish it, but that was another problem for me. I was not going to trust this sort of thing, for all I know it could be spying on me as well as allowing me to spy on other people. Obviously I knew what the objective was and I thought that it was extremely silly. He was using this stuff to get a look at things that beautiful girls did not want to share with him. I suppose that this is something of a motive, but it does not seem like one that makes any sense to me. Continue reading Why Would You Try to Hack Instagram?

Finding the Best of All the Apartments in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona

We lived in an area where the dirt was very dark brown, and the hills were filled with trees all around us. However, only the evergreens were green in December. The rest of the trees were just spindly limbs devoid of the clothing of their green leaves. The foliage in the fall was beautiful, so you might be wondering why we traded that in for one of the nicer apartments in Old Town Scottsdale. We liked Arizona even though the dirt was like concrete. I read online that Scottsdale, Arizona has an average of 299 sunny days per year! That was all I needed to hear to at least want to go visit the place.

Some people are not a fan of hot weather. I like it. However, I like it when it is not muggy. I don’t like it when it feels like you are trying to breathe through a wet sponge. The drier air in Arizona was much more pleasant on a hot day than it was at the same temperature back home. I would have moved just for the sunny days, and we planned on getting a place with big windows to let the sunshine in. Continue reading Finding the Best of All the Apartments in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona

My Trees Get Regular Care

I have a tree service in Nassau County come to my house on a regular basis and take care of my trees. I have close to three dozen on my property, and it is the best thing that I can do for them. Thankfully, most do not need any work when the tree service comes out, because that would get quite expensive if I had to have every single tree worked on. There are times though that one does need trimmed or another needs to be cut down a lot because of disease or insect damage to it.

There are a lot of reasons I use the tree service, but the main one is because I love nature. Continue reading My Trees Get Regular Care

The New Standard in Apartment Living

The Marq in Tampa Florida exemplifies the new standard in apartment living and what Americans are becoming to expect when they think about renting. For the longest time Americans have viewed apartments as a temporary living space while they were working towards purchasing a house and they were never seen as much more than a temporary arrangement to most people. These days apartment living is on the rise and not just because the housing bust, over priced housing or harder to get bank loans. As a society we are beginning to shift away from home ownership towards apartment communities and looking at The Marq in Tampa Florida it’s easy to see why.

Apartment communities in the past were basically four walls a laundry room on premises and if you were lucky, a pool. Today the apartment experience is much different because designers and property managers realized that Americans need and demand so much more. The classic box style apartment has given way to flowing floor plans that offer the best in quality amenities and hardware. Continue reading The New Standard in Apartment Living

A 21 Day Meditation Changed Me

The first time I heard of the Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation was when I was watching a talk show. It was the featured story, and I was intrigued with it. I wanted to find out more though so I went online to get even more details. I leanred so much about this meditation challenge that I knew I wanted to try it out for myself too. What I really liked about it was I was able to look at a previous challenge to see just what I was getting myself into. It was nice to be able to look without actually doing anything first.

I learned a lot of tips on what to do before I actually started this 21 day meditation experience for myself. I decided to set up a corner of my home office to do this, because I wanted to feel comfortable and not be disturbed. I also told my family about it so they would not interrupt me while I was doing this. I know that some families do this together, but I knew that my family would not be on board with it at the start. Continue reading A 21 Day Meditation Changed Me

Investments Can Give You Extra Income

I really wanted to spend some time looking at the different ways that I could invest some money and earn something in the end. Before I was going to go and spend money, I knew I had some things that I wanted to look at. I wanted to know exactly what was going on with all of my money all of the time so my husband said to go look at Sloane Residences condo so that we could see if there was a place that we could buy as a rental property. I never thought that we could buy another condo so that we could rent it out but still own it and we could then have someone else make the payments for us. I knew that a condo was a good thing because we were not going to have to maintain the outside property like a yard if we had bought a house like I thought we were.

I am actually really happy that we went and bought the condo because we had a lot of our neighbors upgrade theirs around us and it actually ended up giving us over twenty percent in the first year we were renting it in value. That is really a lot of money and since we had good tenants and they told us we were going to have to find people to rent it out for the following year because they bought a house, we could ask more money. The people downstairs from us were asking over a thousand dollars more than what our tenants were asking. That place was also a lot less updated than our unit so we ended up getting about fifteen hundred more than we were before and I could not believe that we were also paying our own mortgage with that money.

An App Helps Our Restaurant Productivity

I own a successful chain of restaurants. One of the reasons why they are so successful is because we listen to our customers. We take their suggestions seriously, and we do the same with the rare complaint that we get too. One of the complaints that kept coming up was how the diners had to wait so long to get a refill or anything else they may need when we are busy. I contemplated how to fix this, and I believe I came up with a great idea. First, I had to talk with a mobile apps developer in Singapore to make sure it was even feasible, which it was.

I thought that I could place something on each table that would have the app on it. Continue reading An App Helps Our Restaurant Productivity

Place Where Dreams Do Come True

My step mom was dying from cancer and my dad said that he wanted to take her to Hawaii before she died. It became evident that she was not doing well and I kind of knew that it was the end of her life when my dad said that her doctor said that if she did not go then she may never have the chance to go. I knew that there were places like the Kawaii shop that she was going to want to visit. There are a lot of nice places and things to see in the great state of Hawaii and I was glad that she was going to be able to go and swim with the turtles because that is something she always wanted to do. Continue reading Place Where Dreams Do Come True

Online Discussion Groups Can Be Helpful

I had no idea what the onset of the internet was going to bring to my life when I was younger in the early 1990s and playing on online bulletin boards. I thought it was cool that I could speak with people from all over the world even though I would not have any idea what they looked like. I actually saw that people would start to ask questions and people would respond with their own personal answers based on their experiences. I saw people ask things like what the best classical guitars for beginners was, and there would instantly be something like forty responses in the first hour or so. Continue reading Online Discussion Groups Can Be Helpful

Anything You Want is Online Now

My friends were asking me about the different music that we used to listen to back in college. We went to college back in the day when you could go online and you could download any kind of music you wanted. Because of copyright laws, you are not able to use the same websites to download music. We wanted to look for Hindi songs download available online and we were talking about the kind of songs we used to listen to in college. We were talking about all of the different music we had from the old days in college, and we listened to many different kinds of music from all around the world back in the day. I was happy to hear that my friends remember the different kinds of music I used to play in my dorm room. I thought my friends would think that I was weird that I listened to music from around the world.

My friends listened to a lot of the grunge rock that was popular in the 90s. I thought that was the best music there was, and it was weird when I took a music appreciation class that taught me to really listen to the different types of music there was. I was grateful that I had that chance. That class opened up my eyes to all of the different types of music there were out there. I really think that changed my life because I did not think about other people and I did not think about what they listened to or went through. It was a great thing that it opened my eyes to other people and my new love of other cultures. I think it’s really important that we go and understand other people to get to know more about ourselves.

We Would Do Anything to Help Our Daughters Succeed Academically

My wife and I love our little girls so much. Well, they are not little any longer. They are both teenagers who will be graduating one school and then will be headed into college soon. They are twins, and they are quite different in many ways. Where they are the same is their fundamental understanding of the sciences of physics. I thought they both were going to fail their physics classes until we signed them up for physics tuition as taught by Tony Chee. He is a very dynamic tutor of physics that can give students an incredible boost of knowledge that they need to improve their grades. Continue reading We Would Do Anything to Help Our Daughters Succeed Academically

I Needed Some Face Work Done

I know that a woman should base her worth on her looks. That is what we are taught from a young age by the other women in our lives, but it is funny that it is usually women who are the ones who are our harshest critics too. It makes no sense, but it is what it is. That is why I looked into a Singapore aesthetic centre when I started to notice that the wrinkles around my eyes were getting more pronounced. Even worse than this was the fact that the area around my eyes seemed to be sunken a bit.

I was able to find a great place not too far from me. I was not sure what all I needed to have done, so I just made the initial appointment to be a consultation. I figured the best thing I could do was let the professional see my face and determine what needed to be done. I was not going to do anything too drastic. Continue reading I Needed Some Face Work Done

Let Go and Let Clean

I thought that I wanted to pay someone to clean my house. I have such a busy life between working full time and taking care of my husband and kids that I was having a hard time keeping up with all of the house duties. I thought that I cleaned my house pretty well until I saw the light shined in on a weekend day. I thought that I was going to want to pay someone to clean my house so I looked for house cleaning prices from local people who could come to my house and give me a quote to clean my house. Continue reading Let Go and Let Clean

Finding a Physics Tutor for My Son

My son has really been struggling in his physics courses at school. I know he is smart enough to get better grades and I also think he could benefit from some extra physics tuition. My sister’s daughter did this last year and it drastically improved her grades and understanding of the subject. I’m going to sit down with my son this weekend and discuss the idea of getting a tutor to help him out. I sure hope he is open to this idea as I do want him to work to his fullest potential.

To fully prepare myself for this talk, I am going to first do some research and find a competent tutor for the job. I took to the internet and found several different options but decided to look further into one particular person who had an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from previous clients. Continue reading Finding a Physics Tutor for My Son

The Place That We Live Makes Me Happy Every Day

I can be a bit picky when it comes to where I live. I told my husband that I was in love with the Singapore New Futura building that we toured near the end of our hunt for a new residence, and he was pretty pleased that I finally found a place that I could be happy living in. Prior to that, we had been seeing a lot of other places that I did not like at all. I tried to be open minded about our search from the beginning, but nothing else compared to how at home I felt when I found the place that I liked best.

I grew up in a home that had meager furnishings and many things in the house were falling apart. I never felt negatively toward my parents for our living situation because they were doing the best they could with 6 children to feed. However, I did find myself becoming picky when I became an adult because I wanted a nice place to live in. Continue reading The Place That We Live Makes Me Happy Every Day

Extra Help is Allowing Me to Go to School More Easily in Another Country

My dad moved our little family to Singapore during my last year in high school because he was put in charge of a manufacturing business here. I had to learn the local language quickly so that I could go on to college. I was accepted to a university here, but I quickly realized that I needed some extra help, so I go to a business that helps with JC physics tuition so that I can make it through my physics classes more easily at school. I had found that my teachers at my university spoke quickly and flew through each lesson quickly. I needed the help that comes with the help of tutors. I did not want to spend more than 4 years going to college, and the only way to do that was to do something about getting outside help.

I love everything about Singapore. Continue reading Extra Help is Allowing Me to Go to School More Easily in Another Country